Getting Ready to Roll

It's so exciting to start a new adventure, and I'm the kind of person who likes to make things happen. Generally I can make things happen quick! But not so when it comes to getting a bus ready to roll. First we had to find the right bus. We actually found a bus, returned a bus, and had to go back to looking for a bus. Once we found a bus, we had to get it home. We were lucky to find a bus at an auction that was in excellent shape. Once we had it home, we had to start the renovation.

Getting the bus seats out was a lot more work than we planned. Those babies were so stubborn! Kenny and I got a lot of the screws out but some just refused to budge. Kenny had to use a saws-all to cut the rest of the of the seats loose and then manhandle them loose and then toss them right out the back. Once the seats were out, Kenny prepped the floor and laid black and white tile. I'm so happy with the results.

Next we put in two long rows of tables. We parked the bus in the Home Depot parking lot to accomplish this task, which was an awesome idea because Kenny kept sending me in for supplies. Tables in and now we needed chairs. Kenny made a trip to Ikea and found black and white chairs that are a perfect fit.

This weekend, after waiting for what seemed like the longest time, our painter was able to get the bus painted all white. Madelyn and I are now ready to add a super fun mural! It's almost done and I'm so excited!!

Aside from getting the physical part of the bus ready, there's so much other business work to do! I've almost got the website completely done and now I've got to start working on our marketing plan.


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5212 Village Parkway in Rogers


Reservation only!


TEL (479) 619-6085

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